Amplify Retention with
Automated Push Notifications

Start automated & personalized
push notification campaign within just 5 minutes

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Trusted by more than 1,000+ customers

Mobile Push

Send Auto-Message,
Increase Engagement

FInish integration with a single line of code

Available with existing push solutions

Minimize engineering cost, maximize business performance

Web Push

Send Notifications to
Anonymous Shoppers

No phone numbers required

Push directly to customer's device from the website

Widget & popups available in the most effective UI

(iOS Support in 2023)
Integration with website builders available

Data Analysis & Optimization

Figure out keywords to
bring back potential customers

FlareLane provides a wide range of marketing analytics data & tools
Use smart data to deliver a higher marketing ROI

Key Features

Smart, cost effective and
easy to implement solution

Integration Guide

Simple SDK developers love

Mobile Push
Supports latest operating system & cross platforms
Web Push
Works with any website where you can insert scripts

Sales Performance

Experience successful business growth with
FlareLane's automated push notification solution